Hi!  My name is Alayna.  I live in Decatur, GA, about 10 minutes outside of downtown Atlanta, with my husband; Jeff, and two moody Burmese cats.

And this is Thyme Bombe, a blog chronicling the healthy and sometimes unusual foods that I love to eat!

I’d say at least 75% of the meals I make at home are inspired by the various flavors of Asia, with the majority being my takes on homestyle Japanese classics. I cook this way because it’s healthy, it’s easy, and because these are the flavors that I really love.

If I could accomplish one goal through this blog it would be to take away any fears you may have to try a new dish or even just a new ingredient. My hope is that I can take some of the mystery and exoticness out of foods like lotus roots, miso paste, or pickled plums. I want you to feel confident to walk out of the grocery store with a daikon the size of your arm, knowing exactly what to do with it!

Things you’re likely to read about here:

  • Recipes of all kinds, not just Japanese food!
  • My love of beer and whiskey
  • Decatur, GA with it’s amazing beer and whiskey culture…how convenient that I live there.
  • Chinese tea musings
  • Product reviews for anything that I find delicious
  • Pictures of the kinds of healthy foods I eat every day
  • Lots of other food and health related topics

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around!