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What’s been going on

Thanks everyone for being patient with me while I’ve had some stuff going on. And thanks for all your well wishes, things are finally starting to look up around here.

I had a long detailed diatribe written out about everything that’s been going on, but even my eyes were glazing over when I tried to read over it so I decided to just give you the condensed version and focus on moving forward instead.

Basically, we hate our apartment. We’ve been trying to find a place for months with no luck, finally found a great place but had some problems with the application process, and now we’ve been biting our nails in agony waiting to hear if we got it.

And then…..Jeff got rear-ended (for the second time in 3 months.)

second fender bender

It wasn’t as bad as the last time, but still more than we need to deal with right now.

Maybe all this doesn’t sound too bad, but there’s more going on than I can get into on the blog. My nerves are absolutely shot after these last two weeks from hell. We should hear today wether or not we got that house we applied for, so hopefully this will all be over soon. Regardless, I plan on getting back into a semi-normal blogging schedule this week.

Until tomorrow, here is another cat picture to lighten the mood…

Lucas splayed out

Lucas is such a crazyface. :)

What’s your favorite way to relax when you’re really stressed out?


Be back soon

Hey everyone. Just wanted to pop in and say that I’m alive and that I’ll be back to regular blogging soon, though I’m not sure exactly when.

Jeff and I are having a very stressful week and the frustrations keep piling on. So for the moment I’m going to focus on taking care of those things, because right now even thinking about blogging makes my head want to explode. When everything settles down around here, hopefully in the next day or two, I’ll fill you in on what’s got me in such a tizzy right now.

Until then, here is a picture of Liam sleeping like a weirdo with his arm twisted…

Liam asleep on windowsill

Talk to you all again soon!


Morning musings

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but I am in a funk. I have really slacked off on blogging lately and on doing much of anything in general. A lot of bloggers go through a period where they are just not excited about blogging. I think I’m just now coming out of one of those.

In an effort to get myself back on track, I’m gonna try adding some structure to my posting. Today I am introducing something I’m calling “morning musings.” Basically, I’m going to try to blog first thing in the morning about my breakfast, my life-happenings, and whatever else is swimming around in my head to help me gain some focus for the rest of the day.

Papaya and yogurt bowl 2

Today I tried something totally new for breakfast. I bought a half of a papaya at the farmers market because it just looked so juicy and beautiful. I’ve never had papaya before and at first I didn’t really like it. It kinda reminds me of melon but with almost a faint cherry flavor, both of which are not favorite flavors for me.

I topped it with greek yogurt, honey, and slivered almonds.

Papaya and yogurt bowl

As I kept eating I liked it more and more. It is so soft that it just disintegrates in your mouth and it’s really sweet and summery.

This guy was pretty sweet too…

Liam sleeping in a pile

I love how Liam sleeps with his arms tucked under his belly instead of his chest. I think he breathes better in this position or something. He is unusual, to say the least.

Hopefully this little experiment will help me to get back on track, I’m definitely a person that thrives with a little structure and things have certainly felt out of control this past month (more on that later.)

And I definitely have something fun to write about tomorrow since tonight I’m attending a blogger dinner at Rosebud restaurant. I’m excited to chow down on the vegetarian tasting menu they’ve planned for us!

Have you ever had the blogger blues?

What is your favorite exotic fruit?