Welcome to my new blog!

I’m Alayna…

My husband Jeff and I were recently married on May 1st, 2010.


We live in Decatur, Georgia; a neighborhood of Atlanta.

These are our “practice babies,” Lucas and Liam.

Lucas is the smiley one, Liam is the one being creepy.

And this is what I hope to share with you through this blog…

Healthy Salad

…not just this, of course, but many of the healthy and delicious foods I’ve come to love as I’ve learned how to live a healthier lifestyle!

Strawberries and clementine

I’ve always loved food; I love cooking and baking and must admit that I’m pretty good at it.  :)

Tuna Tartare

I was on the road toward culinary school for a while, but something just didn’t feel right; I knew I didn’t want to be a chef but I did know that I wanted a career in food.  With this blog I hope to get a little closer to figuring out just where I belong in the food scene.

I have learned a great deal about different food related topics over the past year and I’m excited to be able to discuss some of them here.  I’ll also be posting pictures of delicious healthy food, recipes, info on how I work out, links to interesting and relevant articles, personal musings, and anything else that I enjoy and want to pass on!

Thank you for reading!