Just got back from the gym (and I was right, lots more people to share it with now) and I am so proud to say that I finished my third 5K practice for this week!  I’ve run 9.6 miles so far this week, a new high for me!  I always run 3.2 miles when I’m training even though a 5K is closer to 3.1.  I figure I should account for all the warming up I’ll be doing on race day and train myself to do a little more than just the race amount.

Lucas thinks I need a shower before kisses

My calves are hard as rocks but I feel great!

I popped one of these in my mouth when I got home. It’s a some sort of fruit and nut snack I get at Whole Foods.  I usually get them in a carob and spirulina flavor but thought I’d try these instead.  I’m thinking I should try to recreate this at home, shouldn’t be too hard.

Now just waiting for the hubs to get home so we can celebrate the weekend!