Ugh. I feel terrible today.

Why? Because of yoga. Yes, I feel like I’ve been run through a pasta machine because hot yoga kicked my butt last night.

I went back to Atlanta Hot Yoga with Lee, Laura, and Kristy again for essentially the same class we all took together last time. A few things were different though: we had a different instructor, the class was probably twice as packed as last time, and it felt so much hotter!

Last time I was never thinking about the heat, this time it was all I could think about. I got really dizzy and was having trouble breathing at one point so I had to sit down. I really pushed myself to at least try to do the poses even if I couldn’t do them very well, but any time we had to put our arms up for a pose I would feel like I was gonna hurk.

We all agreed that it was much harder this time. Still, I think that I had so much trouble mostly because I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I know better now.

It felt so good to step out into the cold air outside the studio. Kristy surprised me with a Picky Bar, she was talking about them on her blog the other day and I thought they sounded interesting.

Picky Bar from Kristy

These are so good! This flavor tasted like peanut butter with chocolate chips and a fruity flavor in the background. I could only eat a bite or two when she gave it to me because I was feeling so run down, but I polished off the rest of it today and loved it!

This morning I tried to eat a banana and a carrot cake breakfast bar, but my body just said no.

banana and carrot cake bar

Half of this is still in my fridge. My body just wants liquids like crazy today, further suggesting to me that all my troubles stem from dehydration.

Amazingly though, I really did still enjoy myself. I think I’m going to buy a package of 5 visits to my local Decatur Hot Yoga studio soon and try to turn this into a habit. I love how strong I feel the next day, like I’ve worked every tiny muscle in my body. My shoulders look rounded, my legs are more defined, and my butt is tight! Love that!

What is your favorite snack or meal replacement bar?