Guess where we were this morning?

Lucas and Liam freaking out

Yep, started off the weekend with an early morning trip to the vet for both of the little bunnies.

Liam on vet counterLucas on vet counter

Jeff and I love our vet, Lucas and Liam though, not as much. They spent much of the visit hiding behind the computer nestled amongst the warm cables and had to be plucked out each time they needed to be poked or prodded.

Liam comforting Lucas

Lucas hiding Lucas snuggling warm cables

All in all they were very good though. At least they’ll spend the rest of the day snoozing away after such a traumatic morning.

I may be found snorgled up with them doing the same. It’s a dreary and cold weekend and we have no plans as of yet. A nap on the couch covered in warm fuzzy babies sounds wonderful.

What are your weekend plans?