Done in 35:45!

I did it again. I beat my previous time of 37:38!

I am so proud of how it all went down today. Here’s the details…

I got up before Jeff this morning and did some quick rinsing off in the shower before grabbing breakfast and chugging a bottle of water. Jeff joined me shortly thereafter and we got ready at a leisurely pace.

The original plan was to walk to the starting line from home today, but because we had rain in the forecast, we decided to drive instead. Because we were planning to drive instead of walk, I figured we could leave at ten til 9 and be there by 9am, just enough time to grab my race number and line up for the start at 9:15. Well…I forgot that there was a “tot trot” type race going on before the 5k for Moms with strollers and young children, so the roads we were planning to take were blocked off already.¬†We could not figure out where to park so Jeff ended up dropping me off behind the high school just after 9am while he went to look for parking.

The email I got for the event said to meet in the football stadium, but after sorting through the crowds and asking around, no one seemed to know where packet pick-up was, I guess they all got theirs the day before like I meant to. I finally found it inside the school lobby and got my number just in time.

As we lined up for the race I still didn’t see Jeff anywhere. It was probably 10 minutes before he made it to where I was at the starting line.

Lining up Tour Decatur

Race number on for Tour Decatur

I pawned off my jacket on him and wiggled into the group somewhere in the middle.

Not a minute after I got in line, the race was on!

About to start Tour Decatur 5k

Start of Tour Decatur 5k

Most of the hills in this course were in the first mile, and I told myself that if I thought I needed to that I could allow myself to walk those first hills so as not to wear myself out too early. I was feelin’ good though so I trudged right up them with little extra effort.

I still haven’t been able to run a solid no-walking 5k distance in training runs yet, my lungs don’t seem to be getting stronger as fast as my legs are, but today I nearly ran the entire thing! I stopped for water only to find out they were out, and I walked up part of the very last hill so that I would have the energy to sprint to the finish, but that was really it!

The soft bouncy astroturf of the high school football stadium felt so good as I bolted to the finish line. I flashed Jeff a peace sign as I passed him!

End of Tour Decatur 5k

Finishing Tour Decatur 5k

I wasn’t nearly as tired after this race as I was for my first 5k. I sure was hungry though!

Decatur’s outdoor farmer’s market was set up near by so we stopped in for the second half of our breakfasts for today. There is an awesome stand with fresh pastries and coffee that we stopped at.

Breakfast pastries at market

I got a baked donut with salted caramel frosting, and Jeff grabbed a sausage biscuit. Both were spectacular!

Salted caramel baked donut

Jeff eating a sausage biscuit

Jeff is making his classic “why are you taking a picture of me?” face.

Anyway, we made the walk back to the car which Jeff had to park pretty far away. The clouds were getting darker and darker and the thunder was starting to make a fuss. As soon as we got home the rain started coming down, that was my cue to take a nap! I crashed out for an hour or so with Jeff on his computer at the end of the couch and both kittens snorgling my butt. It was pure heaven.

All I wanted for lunch was eggs. I made avocado toast with a fried egg on top and ate it with some tomato soup.

Fried egg and avocado on toast

Heating up tomato soup

Mmmmm….just what I needed.

The rest of the day will be spent in my pajamas, I’ve earned it!