Good news everyone! (<—-Say that in Professor Farnsworth’s voice)


I broke down in tears this morning when I got the news and couldn’t wait to tell Jeff. :)

We needed this so badly. We’re really at the point in our lives now where we need our own space to be able to move forward with the things we want to do.

Here’s a list of things we can do now that we have our own house!:

  • Blend a smoothie at 8am without waking up our elderly landlord
  • Similarly, vacuum the house without bothering anyone with the noise
  • Conversely, not be annoyed by other peoples noise from upstairs
  • And I can let Liam scream his head off when Lucas won’t go play with him
  • Homebrew beer in the unfinished basement!
  • Jeff can set up an electronics workshop there too
  • And I can set up an art studio
  • We will have and actual laundry room so I have a place to fold clothes
  • An office for me to work out of during the day
  • Good natural lighting for blog photos
  • Space for me to plant herbs and vegetables
  • Walking distance to the gym I intend to join
  • Walking distance to the center of Decatur
  • And, walking distance to one of our favorite bars!
  • And the real kicker, now we can start making real plans for when we’d like to expand our family. 😉

This has meant so much to us. I can’t wait to get started on the next phase of our lives together.

Good thing I’ve been hoarding boxes for months because we move in October 1st!

Boxes for moving

That’s not even half of the stash I’ve been collecting.

I’m gonna spend some of today packing because it will help me to feel like this is actually happening.

Wish us luck!