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Daily Archives: December 9, 2010


Catching up on my greens

Trying to get back on the wagon after too much beer last night.

Lunch today was much healthier, I think…

A big bowl of arugula topped with a red pear, pecans, bleu cheese, pumpkin and kabocha seeds, and black pepper. I coated it with a drizzle of honey and olive oil, perfect!

On the side: tomato soup with a big spoonful of kabocha puree mixed in. Warm and comforting.

I feel good knowing I got my greens in today!


Pure decadence

Sometimes, all that will do is beer and cheese.

Yesterday Jeff informed me that a new craft beer store that we’ve been hearing about for months and anxiously awaiting the arrival of finally opened in Decatur. Field trip!

Ale Yeah! is a small specialty beer store showcasing tons of sticky Belgians, dark brews, imports, charcuterie and cheeses, and home-brewing essentials. This is no liquor store, it’s more like a fine beer boutique. I’ll do a full post on them another time because it was just too awesome. I’m so glad we live about a mile and a half from this fantastic find.

Anyway, we picked up two beers to sample and two of Ale Yeah!’s signature pint glasses and headed home to watch a movie.

I put together a plate of sliced cheese, shaved prosciutto, and whole grain mustard for us to munch on. We didn’t end up using the new pint glasses because they needed to go through the dishwasher.

Instead we filled a couple of Stella glasses with this Third Coast Old Ale by Bell’s Brewery. We both love Bell’s, everything they make is scrumptious. This one was really dark and super intensely-flavored. I tasted espresso and prunes and spices, heavy but good!

We watched a Netflix movie while assembling the goods on crackers. I get this prosciutto from our local farmer’s market, which isn’t really a farmer’s market so much as it is an international foods warehouse.

I think people pass up the prosciutto a lot because of the $18.99 a pound price tag; but here’s the secret, no one buys a pound of prosciutto! I always ask for 8 to 10 slices shaved very thin and it never comes out to more than $3.00! It’s great for making a grilled cheese sandwich fancy, and cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff you see in grocery stores which is closer to $6 and cut too thick for this delicate delight.

I like to spread a little mustard right on the cracker and top with cheese, then prosciutto. Then I hold it with two hands to bite down because the cracker always breaks into a bajillion pieces and I have to hold it together. It’s worth it though!

Eating healthy is great and all, and healthy food truly is delicious, but sometimes…… sometimes you just gotta cram your face full of cheese and liquid carbs and not let it bother you in the slightest!  I like to actually enjoy my indulgences, thank you.

What are your favorite things to stuff your face with?! 😀