Hey bloggers: Do you ever go days at a time where nothing blog-worthy happens to you?

I do.

It’s so rainy and gross this week that I’ve been mostly in my house endlessly washing and folding clothes, washing and putting away dishes, making the bed after sleeping in the bed. You know, exciting stuff like that.

I did get around to testing out some new recipes though….only to have one of them fail utterly…twice.

I’ve seen socca crackers all over the blog world lately and I thought I’d be really clever and make a Japanese version because I just can’t help myself.

I used soba (buckwheat) flour instead of chickpea flour and topped it with toasted sesame seeds and nori seaweed flakes.

Soba batter spread outSprinkled with nori and sesame

I baked it and cut it up into cute little crackers and was so proud of it…

Crispy soba crackersSoba sesame seaweed crackers

They turned out perfect in every way except for one thing….they tasted terrible. Seriously, I had to throw them all out.

I don’t know how to explain it. Nothing went wrong, they just tasted like sesame cardboard.

So, I figured it must be the soba flour and decided to try again with the more traditional chickpea flour.

Seaweed socca batterSeaweed socca crackersOne seaweed socca cracker


Edible this time, but still not very enjoyable. Dangit!

I’m not even going to post the recipe for either of these until I work on it some more. I did, however, create one mind-blowing recipe this week that I’ll share with you tomorrow. I’m so proud of it. :)

Have you ever had a double recipe flop?