So, so tired this morning! I haven’t gotten a good night of sleep even once this week, mainly because Liam has been wired at night and screams his head off outside our door at 3am. If you are ever thinking of adopting a Burmese just know that they are extremely needy and grow very attached to their human companions. I swear they’re like puppies.

No dainty bowl of fruit and yogurt for me this morning. Only bread and cheese would do.

Bagel breakfast

Maybe you read Janetha‘s post about what she would eat if health were not a concern. My comment was that I would eat an everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast every day of my life if it wouldn’t eventually kill me. Seriously, I could live on those :)

Washed it down with a hot cup of tea…

Trees in my teas

It makes me so happy that Jeff makes me a cup of tea every morning¬†without even being asked. He’s a good husband, that one.

It is gloomy and rainy out today, and yet will still manage to get up to 92 degrees. I am terrified of how hot it’s likely going to get here in August. And when I’m too hot at night, I can’t sleep….

What are your weekend plans?