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Drinking away our sorrows

Forgive me for not posting over St. Patrick’s Day. We had enough of our own shenanigans to deal with without even stepping foot in an Irish pub full o’ hooligans.

We still needed a drink or ten after this mess though…

Jeff's wrecked car

Jeff got rear-ended on his way home from work and the offender drove off! He’s in a rental for now as the repairs will probably run for 3 to 4 weeks.

We were pretty stressed after that and weren’t exactly in the mood for a crowded pub, even though The Marlay had a bunch of fun festivities planned and had extended their patio for the growing crowds.

Marlay extended patioPacked Marlay

We opted for Thai instead, at Garlic again because it’s awesome and because we could walk there (rather than try to drive while nervous and end up with two wrecked cars.)

I started with a cocktail called The Mission. It was essentially a Thai-inspired Manhattan made with Thai whiskey. Good and strong!

The Mission cocktail

Jeff had a Tokyo Black porter beer. I love the little half-naked sumo dude on it!

Tokyo Black porter

We split this basket of calamari. Each piece was lightly fried in tempura batter and wasn’t the least bit greasy. It was coated in a spicy-sweet chili sauce that we were mopping up.

Calamari at Garlic

I decided I was gonna order something way outside my usual, so I went with pineapple fried rice. Woah! It was amazing! It was like every single grain of rice was bathed in a delicious coating of caramelized pineapple juices. It had a wonderful oniony note running through it and was packed full of juicy chicken and bouncy shrimp.

Pineapple fried rice at Garlic

The plan was to then either hit up The Marlay to grab a pint or head over to Thinking Man’s Tavern and crash at the bar. Both of us were just too tired though. The adrenaline from Jeff’s car wreck had worn off and by that time we just wanted to go home and curl up with warm cats and Netflix, which is exactly what we did.

Honestly though, aside from the mauled car that we nearly had paid off, we spent St. Patrick’s Day doing exactly what we wanted.

Also, I didn’t wear green all day and never got pinched! I must be lucky, right?


5 Seasons Atlanta blogger dinner

You know what I love about blogging? Bloggers!

It is so much fun to meet the people behind the blogs in person, and it’s easy because everyone kind of feels like they already know each other. And of course, we all have something in common that we can talk about!

The group met up at 5 Seasons in Sandy Springs. I was so happy that nearly everyone started out by enthusiastically ordering beer. I got a scotch ale that they were having for a limited time. It was really tasty, very roasty with some coffee and chocolate flavors.

5 Seasons scotch ale

The turkey burger was great, not dry and crumbly like so many bird burgers are. Didn’t love the sweet potato fries, they were too soft and had soaked up a lot of oil. They were pretty good dipped in the cranberry sauce intended for my burger though.

Turkey burger and sweet potato fries

I was soooo hungry…

Eaten turkey burger

Our waiter dropped off a huge mug of free beer. He plopped it down right in front of Lee who already had a beer of her own. Of course I offered to “help” her with it, can’t pass up a free beer, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Free communal beer

Amazingly, we didn’t talk too much about blogging. Everyone was very open and sweet, so we got to learn a great deal about each other over the course of the evening.

5 Seasons Atlanta bloggers

From left to right: Myself, Lee, Sarena, Tina, Laura, Kristy, Stacy, Laura, and Laura. ย Yes, three Lauras, we are children of the 80’s after all.

If you’re ever in Atlanta hit us up!


Recent Eats

Just as predicted, the nice weather didn’t last and this week has been awash in shades of gray and just literally washed with buckets of rain.

I’ve spent several days feeling a bit moody at being trapped indoors with the memory of sunny walks into town that took place such a short time ago. I’ve used the “opportunity” to practice a few extra-long yoga sessions in the dining room, trying not to fall out of pose onto one or more curious cats.

But sometimes you just gotta get out of the house!

We hit up Garlic Thai again this week for a spicy little reminder of approaching spring. I got the fruitiest, springiest cocktail I could find on the menu; one with lychee, ginger, and sake. It was fruit-tastic. The maraschino cherry makes it fancy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ginger lychee drink

Jeff got a barley shochu that was a bit lighter than he was wanting, but it was still good.

We both shared a plate of the prettiest spring rolls I’ve ever seen.

Garlic Thai spring rolls

Love the basil leaves pressed perfectly between the layers of soft and chewy rice paper.

I got a miso soup. This one was pretty salty and inauthentic. Pretty sure it was a powdered mix or something and it had the wrong kind of seaweed in it; tasted like thick lettuce.

Garlic Thai miso soup

I got a glass noodle salad called Yum Woon Sen that had minced chicken and grilled shrimp all in a spicy lime-flavored sauce.

Unholy gates of hell! This was the single spiciest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth! Jeff asked for his curry to be Thai hot, and my dish was listed as mild on the menu. I think they got switched because I was sweating and breathing hard and my lips were huge and painfully red.

Napalm salad of doom

Jeff’s panang curry, on the other hand, was sweet and delicious. It had some heat to it but not nearly as much as my little salad did!

Panang curry at Garlic

Still love Garlic Thai though. I can’t wait until it’s warm out again so we can drink fruity cocktails on their nice patio.

Tonight we got out again for sushi at Sushi Avenue. It’s not the best sushi place ever but it’s only a mile from our apartment so I can’t complain.

I had an Asahi Black beer which I love. It’s so roasty and malty, tastes a bit like toasted buckwheat or roasted barley. We both got seaweed salads to munch on. I was telling Jeff how much I like the sound it makes in your head when you crunch on the seaweed! Yeah, he thought that was weird.

Asahi Black and seaweed salad

Of course we ordered takoyaki, and it was just as awesome this time as it always is.

Gooey takoyaki plate

For sushi we got 2 inari, a crunchy eel roll, a spicy tuna roll, and a scorpion roll. Sushi Avenue is bad about cutting their pieces too large and packing too much rice around the rolls. It all tastes great though.

Sushi plate at Sushi Avenue

And here’s something I made at home earlier this week…

Miso salmon with bok choy and shiitakes

Miso-glazed salmon with stir-fried bok choy and shiitake mushrooms. It was so, so, so good! I love this dish, it takes so little effort to prepare.

Well, the weather is supposed to perk up a bit for this weekend, so maybe we can get out a bit and not feel so cramped up in the house.

I’m excited that I’ll get to attend an Atlanta blogger meet-up at 5 Seasons this Saturday!

What are your weekend plans?