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Quick oats for a busy Sunday

I was just not in the mood to make real oatmeal this morning, so I tried to jazz up the instant variety with some of my favorite things: almond milk, toasted buckwheat, and apple butter.

Oh, apple butter! How I have longed for thee!  Pumpkin my be all the rage when the weather turns cooler, but when leaves start turning orange around here all I want is apple butter, apple sauce, apple crisp, apple cider……apple anything!

See there?  That is a respectable bowl of oatmeal, and it came out of a microwave.  The toasted buckwheat gave it a nice crunch.  Jeff made me some chinese black tea to go with it, so I’m all nice and warm now.

Speaking of Jeff, he is just returning home from a trip to the grocery store to pick up some milk.  Milk???  But I don’t drink milk!!  Maybe it has something to do with all this…

The time has come for me to test my baking skills against a most difficult challenge! Today is the day I test my abilities at crafting a wedding cake, something I have never attempted.  I am making the wedding cake for my brother-in-law’s wedding next spring, and I wanted to test it early so that if I can’t do it the bride and groom will have plenty of time to book a professional.

I wouldn’t normally make anything with shortening, but I’ve come to learn that in order to make a proper crusting buttercream that won’t melt in the heat, substituting some of the butter for shortening is really helpful.  I can’t have the fondant sliding off the cake on the wedding day, what a disaster that would be!

Well, I’m off to spend the rest of the day baking.  I promise to take lots of pictures!


Homecoming oatmeal

My baby’s back!  I missed him terribly.  I doted over him this morning by whipping us up some oatmeal of the non-instant variety.

We don’t like the same stuff in our oatmeal so I just made a batch of plain with fixins on the side.

He had his with maple syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Mine had chia seeds, flax seeds, honey, cinnamon, and almond butter.

Jeff made us some delicious Chinese black tea to go with.

This one is called Yunnan Noir, another one of our finds from Adagio Teas.

A very satisfying breakfast with my sweet husband.  So glad he’s back!