This guy will not get off my back today.  He needs love now!!!

Here he is taking up valuable prep space.  (My shoes are drying after a sole scrub.)

I could barely make myself lunch without him sticking his nose in the almond butter jar, but I managed to produce this regardless:

Two of my standbys: smashed avocado and almond butter/jelly, both on my favorite Ezekiel 7 grain sprouted bread.  I like to top off the avocado with a little of this…

A delicious salt substitute made with 3 seaweeds.  Really tasty, I put it on everything from salads to rice to roasted vegetables.

This guy was sniffing it every time I put my hand on the counter, made it difficult to take a picture that didn’t have a blurry cat nose in it.

I think he’s mad that I didn’t want his home-made biscuits for lunch.  That’s ok, I’m sure I’ll have them later, he won’t let me get away until I’ve had some.  Right, Lucas?