Don’t try this at home.  Really…it was terrible.

I made mahi-mahi and veggies in an asian style sauce last night.  Sounds ok, right? Wrong!  This one goes into the “please never make again” category.

I started with some very fresh and beautiful veggies: red pepper, carrot, and napa cabbage.

I sauteed them with mirin and soy and they became this:

Served alongside the pan-seared mahi that was also marinated in mirin and soy.

The vegetables were simultaneously too soggy and too crunchy at the same time, and just didn’t taste very good.  The mahi tasted like straight charcoal and was over-cooked. Bleh.

No worries, today is a new day!  Just look at this glorious bowl of freshness!

Bananas, razzles, blues, pistachios, almonds, granola, honey, and almond milk!

Just look at that ripe razzle!

And for lunch I had a veggie burger with sriracha and avocado.

And a chinese black tea.

I watched Jeff play Minecraft while he snacked on leftover butternut quinoa.  OMG this game is addicting.  It’s a gorgeous Saturday and we’re shut in the house intensely gaming. We may have a problem.

Liam watches our laziness disapprovingly…

Gah! Another cat picture!  I had to though, it’s so difficult to nab a good picture of the ever-elusive Liam.

Anyway, we are now off to spend the afternoon with the in-laws and grab some dinner later.  Onward!