I realize that I’ve been kind of absent for a moment (or two days!) Lots of things have been happening in this past week, particularly over the weekend, and I’ve finally got the time to fill you in on all the goings-on.

The first item up for discussion can be found in my breakfast….

Wassat!?! Is that…yogurt?! Why yes, yes it is.

If you’ve been keeping up you know that I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I’ve been wondering for quite some time if I might have Celiac Disease or an allergy to either gluten, wheat, or yeast.

I’ve been feeling especially gross after eating breads or drinking beer, which led me to assuming that I had problems with gluten. The other day though I wondered if perhaps it was the yeast, not the gluten, in these items that was getting to me. I did some research and read that yeast allergies can often be helped with an acidophilus supplement. I didn’t have acidophilus pills just lying around the house though so I ate a yogurt instead. Bingo! I felt great really quickly after. Also, drinking that bacteria-laden kombucha the other day helped to calm my tummy too. I don’t know if I actually have a yeast allergy, but the acidophilus has done something good for me.

So, the point of this story is…I’m gonna try consuming dairy infrequently to help keep my tummy happy. Sure, I could take a supplement, but I truly prefer the whole foods approach to deficiencies. Why take vitamin C pills when you could just eat onions and oranges? It’s my opinion that the only situation in which a supplement is the better choice is when you are ethically opposed to eating the whole food. Of course you should take a B-12 supplement if you’re not into eating red meat, but if you have no ethical opposition to eating bananas, by all means get your potassium from those rather than in pill form!

I realize that the dairy industry is ripe with plenty of inhumane practices of its’ own, so I need to be careful in choosing humane dairy products. That’s why I’ve gravitated toward purchasing locally from Atlanta Fresh.

I love that this company is making local, small batch dairy from happy cows that graze on grass. Hooray, indeed.

I’m not gonna be eating this stuff every day either, I still believe that cow’s milk is intended to grow calves into giant cows and is not best suited to human consumption. I also know that it creates an acidic environment in our bodies that can deplete calcium from our bones. However, if my tummy is this happy after eating it, I don’t think it’s gonna kill me to have some form of dairy once or twice a week.