Well, the wedding was last night and before you just die of suspense I’ll go ahead and tell you that the cake turned out beautifully and tasted delicious!

Today though, I wanna show you the last few steps in preparing the cake for it’s trip.

When we left off, I was finishing up frosting over the crumbcoat and was rolling out the white fondant to cover them.

Rolling out the fondant

I didn’t get any pictures of me covering the cakes in fondant because…well…I didn’t have any hands free! Jeff was home from work early because he had to pick up his tux that afternoon so he helped me to pick up the delicate yet heavy fondant and drape it over the cakes. Then I went to work on smoothing it out with my hands and cutting off the excess. When covered, I let them harden up in the fridge so that I could smooth the fondant some more without squishing dents in it.

I ended up using the entire 5 pounds of white fondant I had just to cover both cakes, so I had to run to the cake art supply store less than an hour before they closed to pick up more! I was beat by this point, but I had to get the fondant I was going to use to decorate with dyed that night if I was gonna have enough time to finish before we had to leave the next day.

Jeff and I spent an hour kneading fondant together to fully incorporate the dyes, our forearms were so sore after that! But this is what we came out with…

Dyed fondant

Friday morning was frantic. I got up and went straight to work on decorating. Jeff helped me to pull our table out of the dining room and into the kitchen so that I could shut the cats out and focus on work.

Prep table

I started by rolling out the colored fondant as thinly as I could with the table dusted in powdered sugar to keep it from sticking. I used a pizza cutter and the edge of a ruler to cut wide bands of both pink shades.

Dark pink stripsCutting light pink strips

I laid out the darker pink first, trying to postion the stripes over any unfixable flaws.

Laying the first stripes

Then the lighter pink between those. I wasn’t adhering them at this point, just positioning so that I knew how many stripes I needed and how they would lay.

Layering stripes

I rolled and cut the purple fondant into thin little strips and added those between the pink. Then I used an exacto knife to cut the excess pieces off the top of the cake so that the stripes fit together like tiles and made a nice flat top.

Finished striping

When everything was cut and positioned, I lifted each one up one by one and painted the bottoms with a little water and smoothed them into place. Water slightly dissolves fondant, making a sticky slurry that glues the stripes down to the base layer.

Whole cake finished striping

That was all that I could finish at home. Jeff and I rushed to clean the kitchen, pack our bags, get dressed, load the car, set out food for the cats…..AHHH! We barely made it out the door in time!

I cannot wait to show you what this looks like all put together tomorrow, it was incredible if I do say so myself. :)

The big reveal is tomorrow!