We are packed and ready to go!

I just finished getting all of our clothes fitted snugly into our suitcases, leaving some room for the things we need until tomorrow of course.

Bags packed for Seattle

I even packed a few snacky type things to keep in our hotel room for when we’re about to gnaw an arm off and dinner is still a few hours away. I’ll get some more munchies when we get to Seattle too.

Snacks for hotel in Seattle

I have been so frantic all week planning for this trip. It’s completely because last time I was planning for a vacation it was to go to Japan, and for that I had to study a new language, new customs, print maps of how to get to places, pack two weeks of clothing, learn how to use our new camera, and just figure out how to get around in another country, all while planning a wedding! So I’ve been under a disproportionate amount of stress this week for no reason simply because my brain won’t accept the fact that it’s really not going to be that hard this time.

And I am really gonna miss these guys…

Liam on the bedLucas lounging on the bed

Sweet chocolate bunnies.

They have the memory span of goldfish and aren’t even going to remember who we are when we get back. We have some friends taking care of them daily though, so they are in good hands.

I have a week full of fun posts lined up for you for while we’re gone. Since our anniversary is Sunday I’ve made a post of our wedding as well as tons of stuff from our honeymoon in Japan. And look out for some guest posts to appear towards the end of the week just before we return.

See ya next weekend with Seattle pics!