How’s your weekend going?

Atlanta has been crazy hot for the last two months, hovering around 95 degrees every day and threatening to rain all the time, though it rarely does. The air has been still and thick as peanut butter with all the humidity. Yesterday though, we caught a break. High of 78 with a gentle breeze. Perfect day to get outside!

I had a weird breakfast before we went out. Vanilla orange yogurt with grapes, puffed amaranth, and two crumbled up raw nectarine cookies. This did not work, super strange.

Weird breakfast

And I popped one of these…

Bean cookies

Another strange food item: cookies made with oats, almond butter, honey, and……mashed cannellini beans. I’ve seen some recipes around the web that used beans in baked goods so I thought it was worth a shot, no dice though. I don’t hate them but I don’t love them either, so I’m not gonna put up the recipe.

Anyway, we got out and enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted by walking into downtown Decatur and stopping in Leon’s for a few drinks and what turned into dinner.

I started with a cocktail. This one had rum and allspice and some other liquors I can’t recall. It was delicious and refreshing.

Leon's rum cocktail

And Jeff, who has been on an IPA kick lately, got the Southern Tier Hop Sun.

Leon's Southern Tier Hop Sun

I even liked that one, and I don’t usually care for IPAs. It has a great bready flavor and isn’t too oily or hoppy.

And we can’t go in Leon’s without getting a side order of fries with their amazing garlic aioli. I am a huge mayo hater, but this house-made thick and creamy aioli is just so good!

Leon's fries and garlic aioliLeon's garlic aioli

I forgot to take pictures of the flatbread and zucchini casserole we got as well, those were downed in like 3 minutes flat.

I did manage to snap a shot of this awesome charcuterie plate though before it was demolished. All house-made cured meats, pates, and fruity mustard. One of the best I’ve ever had.

Leon's charcuterie platter

More beer was consumed…

IPA and saison

It was just so lovely out that we didn’t wanna leave. It’s really nice to not have to pay too much attention to how much you’re drinking when you know you’re walking home. :)

What did you get into this weekend?