I *think* that things have finally slowed back down to normal now.

I cannot tell you how much happier I am now that we’ve moved. I didn’t even realize before how all the little frustrations I had with different aspects of our last place were adding up to affect my overall mood. It took all of about 2 minutes to feel completely at home in our new place, though. I honestly already feel like we’ve been here a long time, and that this is a place that we’ll continue to be happy in for many years.

Tour time! Here’s the living room setup, just needs decorating now. There’s a small room of to the side of it that I’m using as an office. The natural light in there will be great for blog photos!

livingroom setup

Lucas and Liam are loving it. So many new windowsills to sit on, squirrels to watch, things to sniff…

Lucas in new livingroom

We have a small dining room adjoining the living room and kitchen. We went out and bought this corner bookshelf from Ikea on the first day to add to our bookcases since there’s nowhere in the house that all three of the standard size ones can fit side by side. See me in the glass?

bookcase with corner piece

And I still have a few more books to put away…

books to put away

Then there’s the kitchen. It’s pretty small, but there’s a ton of good counter space and lots of cabinetry.

kitchen cabinets

Jeff even gets his own cabinet for tea. Well, he generously gave up a shelf for my spices since I can find nowhere else to put them for now.

Tea and spice cabinet

And this little beauty, a gas stove! Everyone knows that the pros use gas. This is my first time using one and I already love how evenly it cooks compared to an electric.

gas stove

The pantry is out in the hallway. Actually, I think this is supposed to be a linen closet, but with how much kitchen stuff I have there is absolutely no room in the cabinets for food. Pantry it is!


This might just be my favorite part of the house though….the shower!

awesome shower

We had a really gross and crappy shower in the last place. This one is large and clean and has these nifty little stone shelves built right in. Seriously, for me at least, a hot shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I wish I could spend hours in there.

Our bedroom is pretty large. It does have a relatively small closet though that Jeff and I share, but it seems to be just big enough for us.

our only closet

And the other bedroom is currently housing a bunch of stuff that we need to put in the basement. We need to clean the floors down there first though, so what will one day hopefully become a nursery is for now a junk room. The closet in this room is really small and the staircase leading downstairs cuts into it so there’s very little usable storage room there.

junk room

And here’s the creepy steep staircase down to the basement where our washer and dryer are. It’s a tight squeeze and my hamper actually doesn’t fit through the door! I’m on the lookout for a bag-type hamper that I can throw over my shoulder like a backpack to replace it with.

stairs to basement

That’s it for now, I’ll show some more as we get it decorated some. I’m really ready to get back into posting recipes and such though, so hopefully I’ll have something new for you soon.

I’m sitting here listening to the sound of walnuts loudly thunking the rooftop as the wind blows them out of the trees. It’s a sound I’m already coming to love as a part of our new home.