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Packing it up

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff going on here lately.

I’ve kind of been in a bad habit of slacking off a lot. Not out of laziness, but rather because my mind is so consumed with thoughts of moving that I feel somewhat frantic even though I’m not. This constant busy feeling has kept me from tackling other projects because I feel like I don’t have time for them, but I absolutely do!

I’ve started slowly packing, trying to get a little done without forcing us into living out of half-packed boxes for this last month that we’re here.

First packed boxes Packing fragile stuff

I did manage to use up a few of those beautiful tomatoes we were given in a delicious tomato vegetable soup. It was so bright and flavorful with those perfectly juicy tomatoes in it.

Tomato vegetable soup Liam sniffing tomato vegetable soup

And this past weekend Jeff and I snuck out for a little date at a new restaurant in Decatur called No. 246. It’s an Italian-inspired menu focusing on pastas, pizza, and lots of small plates for sharing.

Highlights of the meal were the toasts with 3 spreads: cannelini bean, pork rillettes, and lemon ricotta with pickled mushrooms…

Toasts at No. 246

Then, a tasty charcuterie pairing of coppa ham and a semi-soft cheese called Moses Sleeping, paired with a plum jam.

Charcuterie at No. 246Coppa and Moses Sleeping at No. 246

And a spicy garganelle pasta with braised rabbit and broccoli rabe.

Rabbit garganelle at No. 246

We also had delicious cocktails and a chocolate tart with sea salt and olive oil.

Old Pal cocktail at No. 246Saffy Darling cocktail at No.246Chocolate tart with sea salt and olive oil

I almost never order chocolate desserts. I do like chocolate, but I don’t swoon over it like so many women do. I always prefer creamy desserts or warm fruit crisps, but something was telling me to go for the chocolate tart and I’m glad I did. It was so rich and the fruity olive oil really did add something wonderful to it.

All in all though, we were not in love with No. 246. It was much too expensive for the quantity of food we received and though this may sound like a weird complaint, the acoustics in there were terrible! It was so uncomfortably loud that Jeff and I could barely speak to each other and had to yell our orders to our waiter. Not exactly the kind of atmosphere I like to eat in. Also, the bread was painful to eat. It was so crunchy and hard, like eating shards of broken glass. And as you can see above, we had a lot of it to crunch through. :( Anyway, I’m glad we tried it.

Now, back to packing!



Udon noodles with creamy egg

Here’s an awesome lunch Jeff and I had on Sunday. We had very little food in the house but I still managed to make something special out of some basic items that I usually have lying around.

Udon with creamy egg

I buy pre-cooked udon noodles that come in a vacuum-sealed package with a packet of soup mix. If you’ve ever had ramen noodles you’re probably familiar with that little seasoning packet it comes with. These are like that except that the seasoning packet is actually full of delicious wholesome freeze dried real food as opposed to just salt, MSG, and bouillon.

Boiled up a few eggs to add on top using the same hard-boiled egg method that I used for the Chinese tea eggs I made recently. I only needed two, the other two became snacks for later. :)

Trying new hard-boiled egg technique

Liam was perched on top of the refrigerator the entire time. Whenever eggs, fish, butter, or cheese are present, he’s sure to be lurking around nearby hoping for a windfall.

Liam on the fridge

See how he tries to be cute so I’ll give him a boiled egg? Weirdo.

Liam loving on the cabinets

I am so bad at peeling eggs…

Peeling underset eggs

The udon only really needs to heat through, if you cook it too much it will get soft and fall apart. Never mind that I did exactly that…

Udon noodles in broth

I swear I can get no peace from these two. Liam promptly moved himself directly under my feet as I started to slice the eggs and Lucas alighted to the top of the fridge to glower at me for not giving him any.

Lucas, I realize now that you have yet to have an egg in your life. No wonder you’re so upset! I’m obviously a bad mother.

Lucas disapproves

I am such a sucker for these creamy under-boiled eggs. They tend to soak up the flavors of the broth, so yummy!

Topped it with toasted sesame seeds and shichimi togarashi, a spicy Japanese condiment made specifically for topping soups.

Eggs in udon broth

Udon noodles with creamy egg

An instant soup is dressed up with perfectly cooked eggs and fresh scallions.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 package prepared udon noodles with seasoning
  • 3 cups water
  • 3 thinly sliced scallions
  • top with sesame seeds and togarashi

Cooking Directions

  1. Hard boil eggs. Peel and slice.
  2. Boil noodles in water with seasonings according to package directions.
  3. Top with sliced scallions, sesame, togarashi spice, and sliced egg.

Creamy yolk and sesame seeds

This was a great way to make a special lunch out of a bunch of odds and ends. There is no shame in using packaged noodles and instant broth so long as you can find one with wholesome and authentic ingredients.

What is your favorite way to eat noodles?


I haz the sickies

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while.

I don’t normally like to apologize for not posting any given day because sometimes life just happens and I don’t want to start filling up my blog with dozens of posts that all start with an apology. But, at the moment I’m not sure how many more days are going to pass without me posting, so I thought I’d at least give you a heads up on what’s going on with me this time.

I have been VERY sick for the past couple of days. Something I ate on Friday sent my body into a rebellion. I haven’t been able to eat much of anything and even fluids are difficult to keep down. My hunger has returned now but eating still just doesn’t feel good.

I’ve been surrounding myself with various fluid options to keep hydrated…

personal hydration station

Man, kombucha has been a life-saver. It’s really helping to replace some of the healthy bacteria that I’ve lost from not being able to keep food down. And Jeff has been making me a tummy-calming ginger tea with lemon and salt to replace electrolytes.

So for now, I’m concentrating on getting myself better for our trip to Seattle this weekend and refining our itinerary. I’m gonna try to get a few posts up before then but right now I’m just not cooking anything exciting or going anywhere fun to report about. I do have some fun posts scheduled for the week that we’re gone, so next week will be back on track regardless.

What foods or drinks do you rely on when you’re sick? No really, I need suggestions! :)