Hey guys. It has been about two weeks from my last post. You may have seen me commenting on other blogs here and there but for the most part I have been off the computer for the whole two weeks.

Why? Well, this is why…

side-view of my neck

My neck is jacked up guys.

The red lines show where my neck is positioned now, the blue ones are where it should be for correct posture and support. I have been in a great deal of pain and sitting at the computer is when it feels the worst.

Sorry, I’ve been completely MIA. Each time I’d sit at the computer and comment on a few blogs with the intention of writing a post to explain where I’ve been, I’d just start hurting too bad to continue.

I’ve started seeing a chiropractor again and we’re making quick progress of realigning my neck, but now I’m dealing with the soreness and stiffness that comes with the agressive but necessary neck adjustments.

How did this happen? I think it’s a combination of things for me. If you’ve read my Running with Scoliosis post, you know that I’ve had a spinal condition since I was a teenager and it’s caused me a lot of pain throughout the years. Scoliosis is never going to go away, so it’s my responsibility to stay on top of my chiropractic care to manage it, and I haven’t been. I waited nearly a year to restart chiropractic care after moving to Decatur, so that’s my fault.

The next problem is that I’ve been at the computer a lot more since quitting my job last year. Some of that time is spent doing blog work, but more than is necessary is being spent goofing off. All that extra time sitting in an unsupportive chair in front of the computer has really taken a toll on my back and neck. Again, totally my fault.

The last part, is that our mattress is way overdue for replacement. Neither of us get good sleep on it and regularly wake up uncomfortable or in pain. I’ve replaced our pillows with memory-foam contour pillows this weekend, but the mattress is harder to deal with. We might need to get a really good mattress pad for now to make it more comfortable until we can afford to replace it. At least that one’s not entirely my fault. :)

All of these problems have slowly compounded in my neck over the last year, and a few weeks ago they finally added up to what you see in that picture.

I guess the lesson here, for myself and for you, is – do not neglect your health!

I’m feeling much better now, still really sore but not in the pain I was last week. Ready to be back to blogging!

What is one thing you do to stay healthy outside of diet and exercise?