Last night’s blogger dinner was fantastic! I was so uncomfortably full when I got home last night that I just had to pass out immediately. I’ll fill you in on the whole thing later today, I got tons of great pictures of the mountains of delicious vegetarian food we tasted.

This morning, since my belly is still aching from how much I managed to stuff in it last night, I opted for a very small and light breakfast. Strawberries are getting sweet here in the heat of Georgia and they made for a refreshing and light yogurt bowl.

Strawberries and yogurt bowl

I topped them with this orange passion fruit yogurt. I really like the thin consistency of Wallaby yogurts, really good for drizzling over fresh berries!

Wallaby orange passionfruit yogurt


Strawberry drip

I know that’s not a lot of food, but I need to go get ready for a chiro appointment so I’ll get more to eat when I get back.

My camera is dead or I would show you my other cat Lucas being cute and curling himself all over my keyboard. There is no way I’m ever gonna eat all the biscuits he’s making! :)

I’ll show you the blogger dinner after lunch, It would make you too hungry if I did it before and I’m just not that mean. 😉 Well, I guess I could tease you with this…

Ron's Veggie Jam menu

See you after lunch!