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On the itenarary…

Starting the day off with a piece of vegan pumpkin bread covered in apple butter, and a banana with cinnamon and tupelo honey.  A little oolong on the side to wake me up.

Today I am determined to not laze around the house in my pajamas all day just because Jeff is home.  He’s gonna undoubtedly be on his laptop all day working on his various personal projects and it would be so easy to just snorgle up to him and not move for a few hours.

Instead, I will make a list of things I must accomplish today and withhold from myself any snorgles until they are complete:

  1. brush cats– they are not smooth and shiny
  2. clean all bathroom surfaces
  3. finally scrub the hand-wash dishes and put away
  4. vacuum living room rug
  5. go on a run or long walk
  6. schedule a frickin’ hair appointment already!

I am so overdue for a haircut.  I don’t know why but I usually go a year between haircuts. I’ve had a really hard time finding a stylist that I like, no one wants to give me the haircut I ask for, they all seem to either think they know what I want more than I do or just can’t produce what I’m asking for. I need a stylist who can look at a picture of a style and recreate it, and so far I haven’t found one.

It doesn’t help that I’m a bit scarred from my last hair appointment, which was on my wedding day.  My stylist totally screwed up my bangs 3 hours before the big moment and I had to go home and fix it myself. Since then I thought I’d just let them grow out cuz I was too scared to have anyone touch them again, but they’re driving me nuts at the length they are now and I really want a cute, fun haircut!

Ok, time to get work done!  Initiate Snorgle Avoidance Mode!

Well, maybe just one…

He’s just asking for it.


A week with the hubs

Sitting here eating a little breakfast of toasted vegan pumpkin bread smeared with Earth Balance, and a hot and damp-smelling pu-erh tea.

Today is a great day because it’s my husbands last day at his current place of employment!  He is moving on to much greener pastures and I’m so proud of him for pursuing more fulfilling work.

What’s really great about that is that I get him all to myself all week while he takes some time off before his next job starts.

I love it when we’re off during the week together.  It makes me feel so sneaky, like we’re cutting class or something! I also never get anything done when he’s home cuz we goof off and play games all day.

Maybe I should try to get a little housework done before he gets home then?


Breakfast and beer

Mmmmm….almond butter/ apple butter toast.  Double butter, oh yes.

Making sure I’m properly fed for a day of drinking in public!

We’re headed into downtown Decatur around noon for the Decatur Beer Festival so we can get our drink on all afternoon.

Very excited to try lots of new beers and learn about different breweries, sample snacks and just enjoy being out and about on a beautiful day.

Ok. Fed and happy. Time to get ready so we can head out.

See you many beers later!