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“Sausage” and onions pita

Check out my masterpiece…

Awesome lunch! This pita was stuffed with whole grain mustard, arugula, bleu cheese, and sauteed onions and vegetarian sausage.

These were Field Roast grain sausages. I think the flavor was apple and sage or something like that, I threw away the packaging and their website doesn’t seem to list flavors.

I cut up a link and sauteed it with about a quarter of an onion (I’ve told you I love onions right?)

It was quick and simple. I just stuffed everything in a whole wheat pita pocket and dug in!

Love it!

Properly fueled to face the cold for more Christmas shopping. 😛


More munchies

Here’s a few more snippets of the foods I’ve been enjoying lately…

Last night was spicy basil beef. It is absolutely outrageous and tastes great with tofu too.

I’ll share the recipe another time, it is one of my top 5 favorite dishes that I make regularly, so it’s bound to come up again soon.

I did end up making that apple crumble I was threatening to whip up last night…

…and promptly dug into it while it was still piping hot!

Then I followed it up with a donut…

I enjoyed this donut on the couch, my favorite place to nibble chocolate donuts. :)

Breakfast this morning was the last piece of kabocha pecan bread absolutely smothered in maple cinnamon flavored quark.

Holy mother of pearl. I’m gonna have to bake another loaf just so I can have this again! It tasted like dense and rich carrot cake, for breakfast!

And lastly, I am currently munching on this salad creation…

The salad I had the other day was so good that I whipped up something similar using a piece of roasted pepper and changing the dressing a bit.

I made a quick dressing with a bit of whole grain mustard, honey, and olive oil all mixed up together. It was simple and really married the peppers and pears together well.

That’s all for now, time to start figuring out what I’m gonna make for dinner.


Bright eats for a gloomy weekend

We’ve been kinda lazy this weekend. The weather’s been gray and gloomy, perfect for staying indoors and vegging out.

Speaking of vegging, I’ve been more inspired to make delicious and veggie-filled meals with all the time on my hands being stuck here in the house. It’s been snowing flurries all day and that’s enough to make me throw any plans I had out the window but inevitably get bored and start cooking. Yeah, that’s how I entertain myself.

Here’s some tasty things I’ve been munching on lately…

Sweet chili tofu, chinese long beans and shiitake stir-fry, little piece of Jeff's salmon

Nanner with maple almond butter and pecans

Check out the amazing sandwich I made for lunch today…

I roasted a piece of red pepper and two slices of onion. One side of the bread had pesto, pepperoncini, and arugula; the other had herb mayo, smashed avocado, and seaweed flake.

So good together!

Later in the afternoon I got bored and made a smoothie. I haven’t had one in a long time because it’s really cold in our apartment so I always want to eat something warm.

But I had this bunch of dinosaur kale to use up…

So I put it in the blender with a banana, some spinach, maca, cocoa, and hemp milk…

And came out with this!

Tastes really yummy, but I wish I had a high-speed blender so I could get it truly smooth. It’s not that fun to chew a smoothie.

I think now I might go whip up an apple crumble. I have a tub full of crumble topping in my freezer leftover from the last time I made one.

Bring on the sweets!